Jeff Popoff Recommendations

"Jeff is a superb pathfinder who is highly competent in seeking and accelerating new ideas to market. He has a straight forward rapport with people as demonstrated by his excellent written and verbal communication skills with all levels of people. I highly recommend Jeff for any position or endeavor that requires equal business, sales and technical skills from a single individual".
Lucas Skoczkowski, CEO Redknee
"Jeff’s keen marketing acumen never causes him to take his eye off the goal of meeting global revenue targets. His efforts have been equally successful in mature markets as well as creating programs to meet the needs of businesses in emerging growth regions".
Paula Phelan, CEO NPIPR
"In addition to his knowledge of the global telecommunication ecosystem and successful experience at selling into it, Jeff is also of the highest character and personal integrity. Jeff provides organizational leadership, customer vision and ecosystem management." 
Hugh Fletcher, Sprint 

"Jeff is a leader who is effective in casting vision and rallying people behind share values and objectives to achieve intended goals. He is a great communicator, a good listener, and detail oriented .... Jeff knows how to lead a team to get things done and is the kind of guy you want on your team".
Rob Mieso, Director De Anza College 
"While serving as part of an NGO assessment team in Ethiopia, Dave Tieche, Missions Director noted that Jeff was a genius when it came to grasping next steps necessary to achieve our goals of infrastructure improvement. Mindy Scratch, another team leader observed that Jeff’s project management skills are most exceptional. Our Board of Directors is using Jeff’s report as a template to develop a 5 year plan of assistance targeted for this part of Africa".
Bill Buchholz, Senior Pastor FCC
"Jeff possesses solid observation and investigation skills which have enabled him to solve business problems by analyzing and evaluating key industry and market trends. He also has the people skills to sell, influence, persuade, and communicate to international cultures".
Bohdan Zabawskyj, CTO Redknee
"Jeff's main focus was conceptual and early stage integration of various startups into Nortel. Essentially this was the hardest position of all, as the intergration was the point in the business cycle where the aquisition proved to be worth it or not in the first place. Jeff handled this job extremely well in a very innovative and proactive way". 
Mario Bruketa, Vice President M&A
"Jeff has a talent for translating strategic theory into business practice. He is an agent for change and has a strong sense of integrity and has what it takes to initiate and develop new markets".
Fred Homayoun, Vice President Wireless
"I am impressed by Jeff's ability to take a strategic vision and translate it into a direction and a set of concrete actions. He maintains a high degree of focus on achieving measurable results. Jeff has a track record of building his team to deliver on the organizations commitments".
Mohan Lakshminarayan, Director Wireless
"Jeff is very conscientious of people's needs and has a strong sense of values. During the course of his assignments, Jeff proved himself an able leader, energetic worker, and talented communicator. He has what it takes to define, mature, and deliver on new opportunities".
Kalyan Basu, Director Wireless 
"Jeff is a thorough and creative engineer and an excellent business partner. While he manages the daily details and short term planning and processes, he has long range vision for both the scope of his project and for the bigger application or network. He injects quality into every aspect of his work".
Nancy Bateman, Manager Nortel

“I worked closely with Jeff. He supported me on Brazilian and Southern Cone Market providing marketing and product support. I do not hesitate on recommend him. He is highly professional person, customer oriented, and very focused on what has to be done for the best of the company".
Evandro Bottecchia, Sales Manager 

"Jeff worked  providing business integration solutions to the newly acquired "OPCO" where made a significant contribution to the team and to the successful integration of OPCO. Jeff has proved to be a hard-working, professional, and responsible individual who enjoys working in a team environment".
Brett Charney, Mergers & Acquisitions